Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Eye On Orion by Laura D Bastain

Eye On Orion by Laura D. Bastain

Dust Jacket:

Falling in love with your gorgeous new neighbor isn't a bad thing, but when he turns out to be the bodyguard of a princess from a planet nine billion light-years away, life gets complicated. Seventeen-year-old stargazer Holly Adams never imagined she’d find herself trying to prevent the overthrow of an alien government. When Jai and his sister Amira move into the house down the street, Holly is immediately drawn to them. Jai acts suspicious of her from the start, making Holly more curious about their oddities. When Holly learns they are from a different planet, she does what she can to help protect Amira from Shander, a man who wants to marry her by force in order to take over the kingdom her father rules. Mistaken identity, a botched kidnapping, and a first kiss that bonds Holly and Jai for life are hard enough, but when Shander believes Holly to be the princess, things get even more dangerous.

My Review: 5 Stars!

Wow! This book is Awesome! It is a stargazer's story - not exactly sci-fi. Filled with the wonders of two people coning together from worlds across the universe. This is a sweet YA story that is very creative and even believable. There is just enough reality and 'what if' weaving though the story line to keep you turning pages.

This story could be a stand alone but you will want to read the sequel to find out what happens to the rest of the characters. It is clean with some modest kissing. It is even somewhat educational as they talk about the stars, their stories, and the universe. I would recommend it for all ages.

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