Tuesday, August 18, 2015

We Three Kings by John Pontius

We Three Kings by John Pontius

Dust Jacket:

"For six hundred years we have been living and dying because of our faith in someone that none of us has seen. Now that Christ is living on this earth, it is madness to not go and seek him."

When the signs of the Savior's birth appear in ancient America, the prophet Nephi witnesses another miracle—the Liahona starts working again. Now he must begin a quest that will take him far across the ocean to find the King of kings.

Join Nephi, Timothy, and Cephus on a journey that ultimately changes their lives—and the course of history—as they become the legendary Three Wise Men.

Masterfully written and wonderfully entertaining, this book is bound to become a family favorite for years to come.

My Review: 3.5 Stars

Interesting adventure, cheap relationship, written for men.

The Good: So there are some really great things I loved about this book. It was really creative and thought out. It flowed pretty smoothly from actual scriptural account to fictional account. Some things were pretty far fetched, but when you get to fill in the holes, you can put whatever you want in there, right? I loved the interactions with the Christ Child. Nephi's journey to Jerusalem felt like a recreation of Lehi and Nephi's journey from Jerusalem, from the Liahona to the wickedness to the doubting and complaining.

The Not-So-Good: This book felt very man-fantasy-adventure. Though very creative and eventful, after lots of details, reasons, planning, purpose and faith our hero saves the day. Feelings are not pondered over and do not weigh heavily upon our characters but put into action. The romance is also underdeveloped. It would have been better left out. Instead it felt very, "Me, man. You, wife." On my soap box I'd say, don't bother including a relationship in a story if you aren't going to develop the relationship. She just becomes an objectified trophy at the end of his quest. I am sure 80% of the readers thought it was just fine.

Though interesting, I probably won't pass this book around.

Content: drinking, some (non-graphic) violence, scantly clad women

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