Friday, July 8, 2016

Summer Book Trek Time

So it is that time again. READ, REVIEW, then ENTER TO WIN FREE BOOKS! Free books are my favorite. Join me at it here.

OK. Here is my hope to read and review if I get enough personal time this month list:

1. Legally Wedded by Jannifer Griffith
2. Marrying Christopher by Michelle Paige Holmes
3. First Light by Michelle Paige Holmes
4. Second Chance Ranch by Liz Isaacson
5. Third Times a Charm by Liz Isaacson
6. Fourth And Long by Liz Isaacson
7. Chemistry Lessons by Rebecca Jamison
8. Bethany's New Reality by Rachel John
9. I am Delilah
10. Mistakenly Married by Victoria Leiske
11. Beyond the West Sea by Misty Moncur
12. Sealed With A Kiss by Kimberley Montpetit
13. Storm by Kate Palmer
14. Olivia by Kate Palmer
15. Alexis by Kate Palmer
16. Taylor Lynne by Jennifer Peel
17. Jessie Bell by Jennifer Peel
18. His Personal Relationship Manager by Jennifer Peel
19. The Girl Who Heard Demons by Jeanette Rallison
20. Vocal Crush by Lisa Swinton
21. Autumn Masquerade
22. A Midwinter Ball
23. Spring in Hyde Park
24. Summer House Party
25. Road Trip Collection
26. Rail Order Bride Collection
27. Gladly Beyond by NicoleVan
28. Refine by Nicole Van
29. The Secret Life of Daydreams by Licinda Whitney
30. Playing with Heartstrings by Lydia Winters
31. Eye on Orion
32. Not Your Match by Linzee Armstrong
33. Cupcakes and Cowboys by Linzee Armstrong
34. O'er The River Liffey by Heidi Ashworth
35. Echoes of Summer by Laura D. Bastain
36. Winter's Kiss by Laura D. Bastain

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